Buying /Selling …..




We are always happy to look and hopefully buy!

From the neighborhood walk in seller with a few items…. to the bulk seller from across the country.

Prefer 50′s/ early 90′s :


mens & womens:

prints/dresses/leather/boots/denim/concert-tees/fringe/moto/lace/bells/blouses/ethnic -strange shapes/ textiles/designs/ patterns

items do not have to be perfect but must NOT SMELL of smoke or mothballs period.

MESH does its best to provide VERY reasonable prices to bring our customers affordable wearable vintage. They only way we can do that is by buying at a very realistic wholesale price point. If you are only looking for the most amount of $ for your items I suggest you sell them online ( we do not sell online)…but if you support small business and want to be part of cultivating an environment where there are always new fun pieces at prices you can afford , or simply if you want to see your items or a loved ones pieces end up where they will truly be worn and adored please reach out.

We DO NOT do consignment or credit/trade, you will be paid immediately in cash!